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No Insurance, No Problem!

Learn More about the Dental Savers Plan Offered by Fairmont Dental Associates

With your dental Savers Plan there are:

·         No yearly maximums

·         No deductibles

·         No Claim form

·         No Pre-authorization requirement

·         No Pre-existing condition limitations

·         No waiting Period

·         Free Consultations


Dental Savers Plan PremiumTotal Annual Premium 
Single                                                    $160 
Dual* $310 
Family (3)** $450 
Family (4)** $580 
Per Add. Family Member $150 

·         * The Dual Plan Is for parent/Child or Husband/Wife Only

·         ** The Family Plan includes family member and children who are enrolled full-time in college until age 23, or children who are not enrolled full time in college until the age of 18.


You will not receive a membership card- Your Plan’s effective date will be on file with our office.


Dental Savers Plan Exclusions and Limitations

The plan is a discount plan, not a dental insurance plan, and is secondary to any other dental plan. It cannot be used:

·         In conjunction with another dental plan.

·         For service for injuries covered under workman’s Compensation.

·         For treatment which, in sole opinion of the treating dentist or doctor, lies outside the realm of their capability.

·         For referral to specialists.

·         For Hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind.

·         For cost of dental care which is covered under automobile medical.


This plan is only honored at the Fairmont Dental Associates.


Plan Guidelines


·         There will be a $50 reinstatement fee if your plan expires.

·         Cannot be used in conjunction with any other plan.


·         No refunds or premium will be issued at any time if participants decides not to utilize dental plan.

·         Patient’s portion of bill is due at the time of service.


 Coverage:                                                         Them  UsMember Discount
Comprehensive Exam $100 $0100%

(new patient, Initial Visit)

( 1 per year )

OR Periodic Exam( 1 per year )


OR Limited Oral Exam ( 1 per Year ) $87$0100%

Complete Series or Panorex (1 per 5 Years )


OR Bitewings  ( 1 Per Year )


Adult Cleaning
















Root Canals
















Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Give us a call to learn more about our Savers Plan, or book an appointment today!