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At Fairmont Dental Associates in Allentown, our dental office works with you to help you maximize you dental insurance benefits, and most insurance plans are accepted. Our dental care fees are very competitive.

About Our Fees

Our fees are based on our knowledge, skill, and service. You will find them consistent with the high-quality dental care you receive. Fees are clearly stated in our itemized fee slip.

Be sure to contact our team for more details or schedule an appointment today.
Do not hesitate to ask for further explanation. All copays and coinsurance are due at the time of your visit, and any other financial arrangements need to be made in advance. Our dental office accepts cash, checks, Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, and CareCredit®.

Dental Insurance

If your employer has made this coverage available to you, we do our best to help you maximize its benefits. Dental insurance is not designed to pay all of the cost of treatment, but rather to defray your out-of-pocket costs.
Your insurance contract is between you and your insurance company. The types of benefits in your contract depend on what your employer has negotiated with the insurance company and the amount of money he or she wishes to pay in premiums. We ask that you assign your insurance benefits for the services we provide you to us.
Insurance Form and Claims

We make great effort to fill out the claims for the services rendered to you and forward those claims to the insurance companies. We take the pride in providing this courteous service for our patients to make them comfortable. Please understand that eventhough we do go out of our way to maximize your insurance benefits and try to provide all the additional information that the insurance companies may request to process your claims, we donot guarantee the reimbursement from insurance companies. The insurance may pay all, some, or none of your claim, so you are responsible for paying any charges not covered by insurance.

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