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Family Dental Services in Allentown, PA

Our dental office provides a family-friendly and comfortable atmosphere to help treat patients of all ages. Dr. Sunil Kumar and his staff take time to listen to each patient and truly understand their needs before developing a treatment plan to help reach their goal smiles. Fairmont Dental Associates offers a wide selection of family and cosmetic dental services to patients in Allentown and the surrounding communities. Pediatric Dental | Family Dentist

Preventive Care for Children

Our Allentown dentist uses cutting-edge equipment to care for both your teeth and gums. By conducting thorough cleanings, potentially harmful bacteria is removed from these structures, reducing the risk of teeth decay and gum disease. This can help patients of all ages protect their oral health, but children are particularly susceptible to tooth decay and may need additional help in keeping their dentition healthy.

For these patients, our Allentown dentist can kindly provide fluoride and sealants. Fluoride is able to help remineralize teeth, keeping the enamel of the teeth strong and reducing the teeth’s susceptibility to decay. Sealants are plastic wraps which guard the teeth from food and bacteria, further reducing the risk of decay for pediatric patients. By these efforts, Fairmont Dental Associates helps all members of your family maintain a healthy smile in a caring manner.

Braces for Children and Adults

Patients of any age can experience misaligned teeth and the negative effects such alignment can have on your oral health. To treat these conditions, Dr. Kumar can provide Invisalign® braces that will correct gapped and crooked teeth.

Despite being largely considered a cosmetic alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign® does still offer the practical benefits of a straighter smile. Traditional orthodontics may still be necessary in more severe cases, but the clear aligner system our Allentown dentist provides can gently serve mild and moderate teeth straightening needs.

Once treatment is complete—and for many patients, treatment can be completed in less time than metal braces—your smile will be easier to clean in addition to looking more aesthetically pleasing.

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Fairmont Dental Associates can serve the family dental needs of Allentown and the surrounding communities. For more information on how we can help all members of your family, of any age, with the dental care they need to achieve healthy smiles, call us today.


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